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Black Long USB Cable Laser Handheld Barcode Scanner Bar Code Reader for POS


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Barcode devices provide a accurate, easy and fast method of data entry and date storage for computerized information systems.
The products we are offering now can be integrated into any host computer system by the following ways:
Dual RS-232

At the operating parameters are programmed by barcode programming menu and stored in now-volatile RAM which can retain the setting after power is turned off. For the functions which are not listed in this menu, please consult your supplier for more details. 

Simple installation, Keyboard Wedge Serial, Wand Emulation etc
Superior Keyboard wedge interface-NOVELL compatible-auto Caps Lock detection ensures that the data always appears on the computer just the way it is encoded in the barcode
Simple programming from your keyboard or scan barcodes!
Over 180 configurable options
Auto detection of the type of the computer (PC, XT, AT, PA/2, and X-Window terminals with a PC compatible keyboard interface)
Can be used with or without keyboard
Support over twenty different keyboard country layouts
Map barcode data to any key on the keyboard
Supports editing, operations include (Insert, Stripping, Filtering, Convert Case)
Programmable preamble, postamble, and termination strings
Reader/No-Reader indicator (buzzer and LED)
Superior LED performance utilizing advanced decoding algorithms
Extended ASCLL support for Code 128 barcode
Low power comsumption



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